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Default Allied Radio Shack - Best Ways To Use Your [ VOM And VTVM ]

Hi Folks ,
This is a review of the book name " Best Ways To Use Your VOM And VTVM " . This is Published By Allied Radio Shack And I Have Edition Jan 1971 .This is Way Before i was born .Please find the photo of this book .Unfortunately this book is not available in india by any source .Its still sold in many online places in USA .I got this from USA From Ebay .

The Book "You Get Old Books Only "

Chapter No 1 : This Chapter is one of the best chapters i have read .I have never found a book that discusses VTVM " Vacuum Tube Voltmeters " Versus VOMS " Volt ohm meters " . Once You Read This Chapter You Will Get To Know why its very important to have both the instruments .In india you can still get VOMS " Analog Type Multimeters " Like The One i Sell The MTQ 890 , MTQ 1090 Etc .But its Impossible To Get Or Lay Your Hands On VTVM .For Your Info i Am Not Slowly Importing VTVM's From USA From RCA And BK Precision Mainly The Voltohmyst servies and VTVM 177 .Reading This Chapter Makes You Aware Where Each Instrument Shines .

Chapter No 2 : This Is About Basic Measurements Like Voltage , Ampere And Resistance And it Also Explains About Different things Like Meter Protection , Whats Accuracy , Whats The Panel Layout " Multimeter Layout .In Panel Layout it Talks About VTVM And VOM Panels .This it Explains About Peak To Peak Measurements Of Sinewave And Complex Waveforms Like in TV .I Am Not Sure If Current CRT TV Have Something Same Like Yesteryears But Its Very Interesting .It Then Explains About High Voltage Probe Mainly For the VTVM .In The End It Explains About RF Probe Which Has The Capability To Measure Wide Frequency Ranges As Those Years Radio ,TV And Transmitters Were Very Common . As Of Today i Still Have To Restore,Calibrate And Sell + Use a VTVM Myself But Now I Feel I Have To Get High Voltage Probes And RF Probes Too .Damn This is a Never Ending Hobby .

Chapter No 3 : This Chapter Covers Testing Components That was present in those times plus even now .It Starts With Batteries And How To Load Test Them As Testing Battery Without Load Makes No Sense .Its Also Covers How To Test Automotive Battery And Provides a Amazing Technique To Test Battery To Car Terminal Post And Clamps .It Also Illustrates a RCA WV-37B Battery Testing Instrument .Damn No One Makes Stuff Like This Anymore Long live Yesteryears instruments And Thier Simple But Powerful Working .I Checked On Ebay USA ,This is still selling Damn .Then is Covers Testing Resistors And Capacitors .Yup Capacitor Testing With VOMS/VTVM's Very Very Interesting Read .Then It Moves To Coils , Chokes And Transformers And SHows You How To Test Them Effectively .Not Only This It Shows And Demonstrates " Turn Ratio " Testing In Transformers .Then It Moves To Diodes And In This It Talks About Simple Way To Test Them And They Finish The Chapter With Transistor Testing .Unfortunately I Feel they did Not touch Vacuum Tubes .Vacuum Tubes They Talk About Much In Comming Chapters But As Those Years Tubes Were The Heart And Soul Of Instruments I Feel They did Not Do Justice To That Device Fully .They Also Illustrated a Hickok Transistor Tester That Fortunately I Was Able To Match With Some Ebay USA Listing Damn They Just Keep Working From One Owner To Another .

Under Progress ...
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