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Default a quiet time, only dance

In this lazy afternoon, the head slightly hurts. I turned off the air conditioner, opened the door and window, and the heat surge came in. The bright sunshine outside the window made my mind faint. Staring out the window, the white clouds that stretched out in the arms of the blue sky were fascinating, a little boring, a little lonely. I sat back in the chair, holding a teacup and drinking tea with a small mouth. I think I am a little annoyed, ok, let yourself have a quiet rest. I leaned my head on the back of the chair and closed my eyes. This time is not comfortable, they are staying at home. At home, the most accompanying me is Enron. Enron guards two Taobao shops to sell furniture. In June, when her business was bleak, her days were as corrupt as me. And screaming and screaming, the little days are too fast, of course, there are occasional harassment by Xiao Weiwei. If you say that you have a cup of orange juice, sweet, and not tired of it, then you will not have a special taste when you are in a relationship with Xiaoweiwei. It is plain and faint, but it can also be like pure water. It is easy to flow to my heart and lungs. And chatting with the successful person of China Pig, it is like a chicken blood, what is the business, the ideal, the money, the endless end of it, after chatting, it is like drinking a can of red bull, full of positive energy. Unfortunately, this tank "positive energy" recently abandoned me. I went to Thailand to see the shemale. Oh, it��s really a guy who is a heavy-hearted friend. He is busy with work. Ah Xiu went to Beihai and then went to Guilin. Bobo was busy with the project. ... Who else is going to harass me? I recollected the people and things around me over and over again, and slowly calmed down and began to enjoy this quiet moment. I have always wanted a simple life: there is a small house with my lovely children and my lover in my room; there is a small car, no matter what the price, what brand is it, just a means of transportation, when I return to my hometown, I can Slowly drive back, do not squeeze the sleeper; have a stable job, so share the burden of her husband, have the ability to support both parents... it is as simple as that. But who said that if you want to live a simple life, you must first make a hard effort. So, my silent efforts, never let go, I am afraid that the old and the old, some things can not stand the wait, never felt that marriage is bound to me, I am grateful to my husband for trust and connivance, let me in rice oil sauce The days of vinegar tea have always been true Marlboro Gold. He gave me the sky to breathe freely, so that I could fly freely like a bird, making my work more smooth. And this tired bird is going back and forth in the sky and the nest every day Carton Of Cigarettes, tired and happy slowly, our life is getting closer and closer, and finally we can dye a few bright when we smile. I sighed, before the opening of the furniture store in August, I rested with peace of mind. The house was quiet. This is the environment I like. I often do this, let myself be quiet Wholesale Cigarettes, let the mind immerse, and then try to zero myself and empty the desire for things. Later, the sound was turned on again, and a soft, gentle light music blew through the house. I changed my posture and squatted on the chair, my eyes were still closed, my hands were unconsciously playing beats, the piano was melodious, and I was exiled to the mountains and rivers, spring flowers and autumn months, and I felt that the mood was beautiful. The music is laid down over and over again. I am sleepy, half-awake, and I continue to sort out the ideas and future of my work. In the hooligans of the years, I just want to guard a bleak feeling, love a quiet time, only dance on the river of the soul, let the heart be free to breathe forever, feel that you are the whole world; If the heart is there, then you are free.
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I am deeply attracted by your post. It is really a nice and informative one. I will recommend it to my friends.
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