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Presenting Lynx[OEM] Just Like Hantek PC Based USB Interfacing Oscilloscope Rated @ 20 Mhz Bandwidth And Capturing Data @ 40 MS/Sec .I Used To Sell Hantek PC Based Some Times Back In Good Numbers  .This Is Dual Channel Means You Can See Two Channels @ Same Time  .This Is Also Pure USB Interface And Can Run Off A Laptop  ” You Need 2 USB Ports ” .If You Are Into the Trade Of Repairing Computer Products Like Laptop And Desktop And Computer Parts Like SMPS ,Printers , UPS Etc This Is a Must Have Tool  .You Can Easily Repair Laptop Motherboards With This CRO .Not Only This This Scope Can Also Be Used For Desktop Repairs .This Has Many Functions Like Testing Frequency @ Specific Point  , Measuring Voltage @ Specific Point .

Lynx[OEM] - 20 Mhz PC Based Oscilloscope India [ Like Hantek Type ]

Buy Now -> http://www.lynx-india.com/index.php?productID=21207