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I Got a UPS From One Of My Cousins ” Sanjam Badal ” .Once This Unit Was Opened I Realized That This Plastic Cabinet is a “POS ” – Piece Of Shit .Try Not To Buy UPS That Have Plastic Complete Bodies .The Plastic After Time Due To Heat Just Starts Disintegrating Like Anything .Anyways I Took The Mainboard Out And Realized More Then 75% of The Plastic Screw Retainers Were Broken . Damn i Thought 24 Hours Wasted “Cos i Had To Join Then With Glue .I Avoid Elfy Always .I Think Other Glues Have Better Strength .Well After 24 Hours I Started To Test The UPS .And Now The Story Follows .

Sanjams UPS -  Numeric [  500 Va Repair ]

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