Jovy - Advanced Automatic Sensing Soldering Station [ iSolder-40 ] Photo II

Well First Lets Talk About Different Type Of Soldering Stations .The Two Most Popular Type Of Stations Are ” Manual Temp/Heat ” Type And The New ” Automatic Temp/Heat ” Type . First Whats The Difference,The First Difference Is That In the Manual Temp/Heat Type We Will Adjust The Tip Temperature To Our Desired Temperature And Then It Would Be Able To Work On The Target PCB And Components And Dissipate Those Many Watts Its Rated For But In These New Type Automatic Temp/Heat Type Stations It Can Automatically Sense And Adjust The Heat/Watts ,This Means We Just Concentrate On Soldering And The Station Takes Care Of The Rest  .Now Someone Will Ask Me “Amarbir” I Have a Weller / Goot / Hakko Etc Station and It Falls Into The Maunal Temp/Heat Type Once Is It Bad Then This Jovy iSolder-40 ? .Well The Answer Is No But a Counter Question Is That Is The Jovy iSolder-40 Not As Good As Your Wellers /  Goots And Hakkos ,Well It Is At Par But Has Some Additional Benefits Also .Other Then Automatic Temp/Heat Sensing and Adjustment It Also Has Stanby And Deep Sleep Mode ” Increasing Tip/Bit Life .The Result Of This Soldering Iron Purchase Would Be “Lifetime Investment ” .What More does a Repair Technician Want In a Soldering Station  .

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