Weilei - Lowest Cost Universal EPROM BIOS ECU Programmer [ Wellon VP-290 ]

Weilei – Lowest Cost Universal EPROM BIOS ECU Programmer [ Wellon VP-290 ]

Wellon VP-290 Is a Universal EPROM ,Microcontroller And Other Device Programmer  ,This Is a Low Cost 40 Pin Professional Programmer ,Excellent Software Complements this Great Programmer And this Is One Of The Top 5 Companies Making EPROM Programmers In The World .This Is The Cheapest EPROM Programmer In India And Chandigarh My Native Town .Device Support Is More Then 14000+ Devices.


1 : 40 Pin ZIF socket pin-drivers.
2 : Interface with LAPTOP, PC or compatibles through USB port
3 : Accepts standard file formats: JEDEC, INTEL (Extended) HEX, HOLTEK, EMC(.CDS), INTEL HEX16, Motorola S record
4 : Manages 16 and 32-bit word split (Set Programming)
5 : Support most compiler in JEDEC format including ABEL, CUPL, PALASM, TANGO PLD, OrCAD PLD, PLD Designer and ISDATA
6 : Features Test Vector capability and multiarray fuse map editor
7 : Test TTL/CMOS logic ICs and Dynamic/Static Random Access Memory devices
8 : Optimum programming for each individual device
9 : Automatically Identifies the manufacturer and type of E(E)PROMs, Auto identifies TTL/CMOS logic IC
10 : Device insertion and poor-pin-contact check
11 : Support 1.5v Low voltage devices
12 : Not need exterior adapter for most devices.
13 : Universal DIP, PLCC, QFP, TSOP, PSOP, SOIC, SSOP, SDIP adapters ( Up to 44 pins)
14 : Auto-run mode starts programming automatically upon detection of chip insertion

Warranty : 1 Year [ Also 100% New/Original And Dead On Arrival Warranty ]

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